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Boxes and Packaging

We can deliver and supply all your boxes for moving. 

Good quality boxes, Strong tape, markers, bubble wrap and packing paper are the ingredients for a successful pack. 

We supply a mix of large, medium, and small boxes. To get an idea of what you need here is a guide of what you use each box for.

Small boxes are perfect for books and heavy items, they are also ideal for electrical goods or fragile ornaments. If using for the latter you would be placing a well wrapped item inside and the box should be marked 'fragile' and 'top load only’ We will look after it from here. Books are placed low on the truck during transport.

Medium boxes are what you will use most, we use them to pack your kitchen and most household items. We also use them for clothes that come from drawers and lockers. We only use packing paper for wrapping fragile items, this is the norm for professional packing. Liquids and bottles should be well wrapped and clearly marked.

Linen boxes, these are long flat boxes used for hanging clothes like shirts, dresses, and wardrobe clothes. An alternative to these are wardrobe boxes, we can supply them for you but they cost 15-20 euro each. Keep in mind that retail shops do not use them for stock deliveries. They are in my opinion an unnecessary expense. We can take a certain amount of hanging clothes in our wardrobe cages as no extra cost.

Large boxes are used for toys, bed clothes and light bulky items. do not use them for heavy items. You can also use strong bin liners for soft toys (we can’t stack plastic bags so please do not use too many of them)

Pictures, small pictures should be wrapped in paper or bubble wrap and placed in medium boxes in an up-right position. Large pictures should be wrapped in multiple layers of bubble wrap. We wrap all paintings and pictures in soft blankets on our truck. You can leave these on the wall and we will load them directly onto our truck if they are not over expensive. (expensive artwork should be professionally crated)

Bubble wrap should be used for pictures and ornaments.

Garden Shed items should be packed in medium boxes and labeled, heavy items like tiles should be packed into small boxes.

We under no circumstances move flammable liquids or paints.  Garden tools like rakes and spades should be taped together. We can stack potted plants in our cages but space is limited and we must be told in advance.

Your Attic should be packed into boxes and labeled. (We are not covered by insurance to enter attics without proper flooring and staircase).

Boxes are expensive to buy, (some places charge up to €5 per box) we work for a lot of retail and commercial companies and we source our boxes from them.

We can put together a package of these for you that will save you a small fortune. We will supply you with a large bale of professional packing paper, a roll of bubble wrap, three rolls of strong tape and markers. It will include a large mix of approx. 40 boxes. (we will supply more if needed) The price for a three-bed house package is €130 including delivery.

We have a smaller package for apartments for €70 euro which will include approx. 20+ boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper and strong moving tape. If you wish to order a custom package we would recommend the going onto the We find these to be the best value.

We can also supply new boxes and prices for these start from €3 for a small box, €5 for a medium €7 for a large (excluding courier charges)
Boxes can be collected to save on courier charges but you will require a small van or large boot space. Boxes must be paid for at the time of delivery.

For office moves the best option is to use moving crates instead of boxes. Please call us for a price as these are a rental item.
This can also be a good time to discuss any issues about your house, office or apartment move with our moving company. We can also have a look at any item you might be worried about moving and our experienced staff can offer you advice.  
(depending on supplies available the mix of large and small boxes may vary but we will inform you time of booking,
Packing is hard work, it's as simple as that, most aspects of moving home are. Again, we have found ways of making this easy. We will supply a team of expert experienced packers who will ensure everything is packed properly for a domestic move or for export. The best part of our removal packing service is we supply your packing boxes and packing material free of charge with this service. We cannot emphasize how good this works out, first, we do not have to skimp on wrapping as we have our endless supply which we will bring with us. We will also know which way to pack everything and what boxes to use. 

Ikea Furniture
Most houses have it these days, it is great furniture, not too expensive and sturdy when built in place. It is not made for moving though, for example the back boards on all wardrobes and units are nailed on with screw nails that cannot be removed without tearing a hole in the wood. you cannot place the nail in the same hole or it will be weak. also a lot of the nails break when removing them, we always have a box of them with us to replace them. The back boards will a,ways get slightly damaged when taken them off although we can cover these marks with tape, (the marks are on the inside anyway). The other problem is the fittings used for putting them together bend after a few years with the weight of clothes etc.. What this means is they don't always go back together. We often have to add extra clips or screws to strengthen them which we will do free of charge. This is for the wardrobes and large chests of drawers that require disassembly. This takes time and will add slightly to your moving bill. We have still always managed to get items back together. Sometimes it is possible to move Ikea furniture without disassembly. This is again risky as it can fall apart (again the reason for this is because it is not made for lifting this way) but most times it is ok and will save you the money and time of assembly and re-assembly. We will not be liable in anyway for this furniture and we will let you have the final say on which way you want it moved. We will advise you the best way of moving it when we see it. It is best to inform us you may require dissembly when booking with us so we can allow extra time.

Tall units from Ikea always come with a strap to attach it to the wall. This is an important safety feature. We will remove them but our staff cannot under any circumstances drill into your wall. We are not covered to this. If you are incapable of doing this we will send a handyman on your move but you will have to sign a disclaimer for liability.  I am pointing this out so you will be prepared in advance about  strapping these units to the wall. With young children, its simply not worth the risk to leave them free standing. 

Ikea beds and sofa's are normally easy and quick to move.

We cannot remove boxes and packing material from your home after your move unless pre-arranged as we will require our truck empty for the next day. We can arrange a waste collection or you can bring your waste to a recycle facility free of charge.