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House Moves

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Boxes and Packaging

Do you want cheap boxes delivered to your door?

There will be a mix of sizes (mainly medium but small boxes for books and heavy items and large boxes for toys and bed linen) and come with strong packing tape and a large bale of professional packing paper. We offer free delivery within the Dublin area.

Small Package for Small Apartment Moves,

15 mixed boxes, roll of packing paper and bubble wrap and a roll of tape.  60 (Free delivery)*

Medium Apartment or Small House Package

25 mixed boxes, roll of packing paper and bubble wrap and two rolls of tape.  85 ( Free delivery)*

House Move Package

35 mixed boxes, large bale of packing paper, 10 metres of bubble wrap and three rolls of strong tape.   115  (Free delivery)**
On average the bulk of your boxes will be medium in size, this is the most common used box for packing. The next size box most used is small for packing books or heavy items. Large boxes are suitable for toys and light bed linen or similar large light items. We can customize your moving pack to suit you, for example if you only have books you will only require small boxes. Just email me and let me know. We source our boxes from the clothes trade industry, they are clean and have only been used once to transport new clothes. We can source moving boxes with logos etc. on them but they can cost 6 for one. You will only be using them once so it makes more sense to not spend too much money on them. All you need them to do is transport your belongings from A to B without damage.

* Free delivery is within the Dublin area only and in normal working hours. If you require after hours delivery there will be 15 surcharge.