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House Moves

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Home Moving.

They say moving home is one of the most stressful things you can do, it will not be with us! We promise to make this part easy for you.

There are all types of people out here claiming to be moving companies. We are a proper Moving Company, with properly equipped moving trucks. We are fully licensed and our staff and trucks are fully insured. We know exactly what we are doing, experience makes a huge difference, we are doing this a long time. We aim to move you from A to B in perfect order.  We wrap all your furniture and we provide free mattress covers.

What type of service do you require?  Are you going to pack yourself and just ask us to expertly move everything? Are you looking for a full packing service as well?  Have a look at what we can do to help. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call me,


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Aok_Movers_Ltd.LogoTwo Expert Movers and our Truck.
This service is when you are not moving a lot of contents but have furniture and will require two staff and a small moving truck. All furniture will be covered in thick moving blankets and we will cover all mattresses free of charge. We will place all boxes into the room they are labeled for and you can tell us where you would like your furniture. We disassemble most furniture as part of your move, we only part dissemble firniture to load items onto our truck and it does not take much time. We do not have a call out charge or charge extra for the first hour but there is a two hour minimum charge time for our two man and truck service.
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I used this company last January. I was got their number from Elephant Storage. I could tell from talking to William on the phone that he was a trustworthy so I went with him straight away. I was really hoping he could follow up with his service. I have a lot of old furniture that was my mothers and while its not extremely valuable, it is priceless to me. When they arrived and I seen them working, I could not help thinking, I got the best moving company ever. On time, polite, good humored but that pales in comparison to the way they moved my furniture. They were experts, they moved everything confidently and not a scratch or a wall marked. Thank a million lads, anyone who gets you to move them should consider themselves blessed!

Nancy Gilmore
Moved on 19/Jan/2017

Aok_Movers_Ltd.LogoThree Expert Movers and our Truck
 If you are moving a standard house from a three to four bed house then this is the service you will need. We provide our large purpose built truck which will fit into most driveways and three expert staff.  We can take apart any furniture while loading, anything we disassemble we will reassemble in your new home. We only part disassemble to move things and it does not take us long. We will cover all mattresses free of charge to protect them and all your furniture will be expertly packed and wrapped in thick moving blankets on our truck. When loaded we will strap things down and move you to your new home. If doing a self-pack please read our packing guide carefully, A successful move where nothing gets broken comes down to how you pack. (packing supplies are available to buy on our website). 
We do not have a call out charge or charge extra for the first hour but there is a two hour minimum charge time for our two man and truck service.
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Aok_Movers_Ltd.LogoFull Pack and Moving Service
The only difference between this service and the one above is we will come in and pack everything for you. We will provide all the boxes and packing material. If packing all your home we will arrive the day before to do so. It does not make a lot of difference to us if you are moving around the corner or if you moving to Mizenhead down at the far end of County Cork, we will still have to pack you to the same high standards. Our standards are of the best in the business, it would be unusual to have as much as a cracked glass. We have invested in ongoing staff training for this and the positive feedback we have been receiving from our clients has been nothing but positive. Every house is different and in order to quote you for this we would require to carry out a survey of your home or alternatively we can estimate cost from photos which you can email over to me. A full packing service can take four to five hours for a four-bed house. We can pack certain items like your kitchen or sitting room for you, if you would like it done professionally.
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To get a quote please call us or go to our quotation page and fill out the form and we will get straight back to you.

This is the third time I have used A-OK Movers, they are just the best. Nothing is any trouble to them and they are so good at what they do. Its was a pleasure to have them in my home. My friends have used them and they all say the same. Thank you for looking after us.

Melissa Davenport

Moved with us from Elephant Storage on the 3rd Feb 2017

Aok_Movers_Ltd.LogoUnpacking Service.
 We can provide one or two of our staff to help you unpack, they can help move things around the house as well as unpack boxes under your instructions. Sometimes after a hard week packing boxes, and the stress of moving a helping hand can make all the difference.

Cleaning Service.

We have been working alongside Margaret from for many years. In all this time, we have received nothing but praise about the job she does!

I spent months looking for a moving company, I have a reason for this. I have spent a lot of time and money on furniture and my belongings and I did not want anything to get damaged. I was also moving into my newly refurbished house with new carpets and walls which were cream and white. The first thing I told the lady from A-OK Movers was I was extremely fussy and I might not be a suitable client for everyone, she told me it would not make any difference to them if I was fussy or not as they move everyone to the same standard. I arranged for their salesman to call, I have travelled the world and have a lot of artifacts that I treasure, I showed him everything. I told him to please tell me if he lacked the capability to move any of my stuff, he said no, he seemed confident. He told me "there was nothing he did not know how to move." My move took two full days, four staff, a lot of packing and crates and rolls of bubble wrap. In all the times I have moved I have not met a team like this. They were all great, they planned everything in advance between them. No shouting or stress, just hard workers taking pride in what they do. I am delighted to write you this review and am pleased to recommend you. My move was perfect in every way!

Nathan (Nathan is the manager of a major international bank in the IFSC and we moved him in February 2017)