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Selling and buying on the same day?

If you are selling and buying your home on the same day and have trouble getting your keys we will bring your belongings to Elephant overnight or longer if necessary.  A-OK Movers will get you the best deals on short term storage. Not all storage is the same, Elephant for example have special units that have easy access that we can pull our truck up too. This facilitates very quick loading and unloading saving you money. What is important is that your prossessions are safe, secure and insured.

Short, Medium or Long Term Storage

What are the advantages for self storage over the traditional storage that other companies use?

First you get your own key and after we move you, you will have possession of all your belongings. With some removal companies your belongings will be stored in crates at the back of a warehouse. If you wish to remove them they can charge for bringing them to the front door for you. With Self Storage you can access your unit anytime. You can sort through things and remove or add items at will. You are in complete control.

We have exculsive prices with Elephant Storage, depending on how long you are storing they may even pay for your move in! You can book your storage directely online. Go to or call 01494000

 Ella Heart wrote to us;
" Our best quote for a removal service was 380, you completed my move for 257, what a great system you have for moving apartments and your manners and work ethics were impeccable. We used the two men and truck service.  I  would highly recommend you and would go as far as to feel sorry for anyone who does not get you for their move..  Best of luck in the future"  


Ella's move was completed on Monday 18th April 2017.