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Packing Guide

Preparation is the key to a successful move, if you pack properly your move will be completed a lot faster and as well as saving money you will cut so much stress out of your day.
We love going into a house were all the boxes are labeled sealed with tape, not too heavy and most importantly are closed on top. If they are open we cannot stack them in our truck. If they are not labeled we will be constantly asking were you want everything to go. This will take time. Whether it is a small apartment or a large house move requiring several staff, these tips will ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. 
Buy decent boxes, wrapping material, marker, and tape.

Plan to start packing well in advance of your move. If possible pack a little every night and stack your labeled boxes in an unused corner in each room.
Boxes should not rattle nor should anything be able to move around inside. Pack out boxes with towels or anything soft to protect the contents inside. 
Please bring money and important information items with you personally. e.g. passports, photos, health records, insurance certs etc.

Mark boxes according to each room they are to go to in your new home, (a rough guide to their contents will make unpacking easy for you)..

Use suitcases to pack clothes.

Use only small boxes for books as they get heavy very quickly.

When house moving ensure that you check owner’s manual of expensive electrical equipment for any special instructions, please mark these boxes clearly and bring them to the attention to our staff.

Mark boxes containing breakables such as delph or glasses clearly so our removal company staff can place them in the van in a safe manner.

Stack dishes facing upwards in boxes with packaging between each plate.

Avoid packing items from different rooms in the same box during your house move. This will make unpacking easier.

Mark boxes with food inside, make sure bottles with liquid are secure and cannot leak. 

An important not on all Ikea furniture, we move it all the time but it is not made to be moved. For example the back of all the furniture is nailed on with screw nails which when removed tear a hole in the wood and leave marks on th inside of cabinets. We still dismantle them and you can cover up the marks but they do not always go back together without the same way. By right it should always be flat packed to move it but this is time consuming and not always worth it. Most times it does move in one peice but we cannot be liable for Ikea furniture. 

How to inventory your belongings.

This is not necessary for most local moves but if you wish to keep full track on everything and check your boxes off on arrival its easily done.  Below is an example of how you would pack a room. We will use your master bedroom in this example;

Step 1:   Pack up your boxes with your clothes and belongings but leave them open. (remember small boxes for books and small items)

Step 2:  Determine how many boxes you have (in this example we will have seven) and get ready that same number of labels (or write on carton) for each box. Have a note book ready and mark the top of this page 'Master Bedroom'

Step 3:   Place label on your first box and mark as so (1/7 Master bedroom) or this is your first box of seven from Master bedroom. (box one is locker contents for this example)

Step 4:   Write in your notebook (Box 1/7 Brenda, Locker Contents)
And now do the same with box two (2/7 William, Locker contents) and so forth with all your boxes for every room in your home. (3/7 Brenda Jumpers etc...)

Now you will see you have not only set up a fool proof way of making sure all your boxes are in the right room, but also that all your boxes have arrived. Also with your notebook handy you can now find that belt for work or anything else you are looking for in no time. 
It's a good idea to buy a notebook for your house or apartment move, use it to right down all the numbers you will require.  For example, Landlords, Estate agents, Gas company, ESB, Sky/Virgin. You can write down your moving checklist and any reminders to yourself. You now also have a reference to your belongings if you need to do so after your move. If you move regularly this note book will always be handy to have.