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Office Moving in Dublin was how we started our removal company, we do all types of office moves from over weekend large corporate moves to single office removal. We  Our trucks have all the tools required for office furniture. Most of it is made to be taken apart so thankfully that part is easy. If you have wheelchair access to your office we can then normally take filing cabinets full. If we have to empty them we can supply banker boxes to store them in the same order for repacking after your move.

We wrap everything in blankets to protect them during your move. 

We can supply boxes, banker boxes or rental crates for your move. Crates are by for the most economical and easy way to move office.

If you have a standard office move we can quote you on the phone or by email. Anything else and we will send a surveyor out to give you a more accurate quote. What is involved with a survey?

Our Survey,

What is involved with a survey?

Our surveyor will call to assess your office move. Most office moves we conduct, our local in the Dublin area. They range for moving a single desk or chair or a multi floor office complex.

Office moving is completely different then house moves. The main difference is with modern offices there is very little lifting involved, nearly everything is rolled out to our truck using are skates, bogeys and cages. 

A good estimator should be able to provide you with multiple references. He will provide you with a pre-move estimate. a guideline on what responsibilities are yours and ours, a packing plan.and most importantly an office mover plan.

We will design a map with the layout of your new office and a labeling system for all your furniture, marked by area or employee. This will correspond to our office moving plan. We will arrange cartons or crates for your move. 

Our surveyor will be present for your move as the foreman. He will organize our staff into respective teams. You will see your move run like a conveyor belt which each team doing a specific job. Some will be disassembling furniture, a team to roll it out to our truck and our truck packing team.

If you are in an old office with stairways to contend with we try and make a chain of office movers to get everything down as a team. This saves movers constantly going up and down the stairs and tiring themselves out. Like when running a marathon the way to last is to pace yourself.

 Experience is the key to a successful move! 

 From Ron Davis;

" I am writing to express my gratitude at a company that does not charge the earth and still does a great job, this office move was my responsibility and it could not have gone better, great staff, great advice and nothing lost or misplaced. Our office had no down time and the boss was delighted. She told me to pass on thanks to all your staff. Regards Ron"

Ron's office's move was for 35 staff and all furniture and work stations. We supplied crates and six staff for this move and was completed in one day.This move took place on 12th July 2015.