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Apartment Moves

Over the last fifteen years when all the apartment blocks were being built we knew we had to find a different way of moving people into them, the old way of carrying a box or a few bags across a courtyard, through security doors, into a lift, through more doors, down a corridor and into your apartment was just taking too long. We were as frustrated as our clients. 

We asked for feed back from our clients and as they expected their move to take ages, the biggest pain was they felt they could get nothing unpacked while the apartment moving company was still coming in and out. We as a removal company had problems with parking for too long, being late for our next appointments and staff working late on what would be considered a small apartment move for us.

It was easy to solve this moving apartment problem, first we changed the type of vans we were using from your typical transit type van to our modern small trucks, these have enclosed square bodies and they are all fitted with hydraulic tail-lifts. We then ordered in large cages which have wheels on them, we can lift these on and off our truck. We can wheel them directly into your apartment for loading. We can fit up to 10 boxes or 12 bags into each cage which we wheel back down to our truck, lift them on board and strap them in securely. We will unload them the same way.   

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How simple is that!

Have a look at what type of service you may require,

One Man and a Van, for small moves only.

Okay, its not really a van as we only operate proper moving trucks, for a small move we will provide a small truck. It is not unusual for us to move a single person in under one hour, we use our cages which can take bags which will not fit onto any other type of trolley and if carried tend to burst, we save you a lot of time on boxes and packing. This is for a self pack where we would expect you to be packed and ready to move when we arrive. It is only for apartments with lifts that we have access to with our cages. It is for people whom are only moving contents and no heavy furniture. Light furniture and fittings that a single person can easily lift is OK. If you have a lot to move or there is more than one of you moving at the same time please let us know as we have time restrictions on small moves as we will be on a schedule. We move a lot of trainee doctors and single professional people using this service. This service costs 110euro on average, this is for the first 75 minutes after which we charge 15 per 1/4 hour.

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"I never had such an easy move, 50 minites to move me from the Gasworks in Ringsend to Dundrum, everything was put in cages and wheeled straight out. The driver was on time and could not be more helpful.He hung my wardrobe clothes on a moving enclsoed rail and rehung them. Brenda in the office was very polite and efficient at booking me in. By far the best decision I made was to choose this company" 

Sandra Lawlor
Moved on the 12/April/2017

Two Men and our Truck

If you have furniture you will require two movers. For apartment moves we have skates for rolling furniture on, most of which goes into the lift, if not we bring it down the stairs, its all part of our job. This is for a self pack where we would expect you to be packed and ready to move when we arrive. This service includes free wrapping of mattresses and we will cover all your furniture in thick moving blankets on our truck. We will place all boxes and bags into the rooms they are labeled for.

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(Click here for an instant quotation)and fill out our inquiry form or call us on 012137788

"We used A-OK Movers to move from our apartment to our new home, we had quite a bit of stuff so we opted for a third mover to speed things up, I honestely thought it would take all day and here I am writing you a review at 4pm. The lads were here at 8am as arranged and we were moved into our house by noon. Everythting is unpacked and done. We were amazed at how they planned everything, and in what order to load the truck. You are truly craftsmen of your proffession! Thank you!"

Mrs Marie Nolan

Moved on the 14/April/2017